What steps will the District take to properly distribute and collect printed instructional packets/materials in the event of a move to distance learning?

All administrators within ACSD would agree that the send home packets which were distributed during the shutdown were not an effective means of educating our students within the district. For this reason, we are taking steps toward becoming fully digital with all our instruction.

Have teachers been trained on instruction in a virtual environment, and to effectively deliver distance/online learning?

Yes, all staff will be trained on how to provide digital instruction. ACSD will start the process of training students as well as family members on how to access and use the digital platforms at the start of the school year. Teachers will be contacting parents through School Status in reference to training.

What steps are the District taking to help student who are socially and/or emotionally affected by Covid-19 due to being socially distant since Spring Break 2020?

Counselors and staff will be provided training to identify and help students with social/emotional needs.

Are teachers/counselors/staff being trained on appropriate intervention and support strategies to help students transition back to face-to-face instruction?

Yes, teachers/counselors/staff are being trained on appropriate intervention and support strategies. This will be an ongoing training throughout the school year.

Will the District provide information to parents that covers health promotion and illness prevention practices?

Yes, administrators at each campus are in the process of providing weekly information to parents.

Is our District requiring face coverings?

ACSD has chosen to take a positive approach for students and staff in taking the necessary precaution to promote/recommend face masks. The District will provide face masks.

Can you assure us that hand soap and warm water will be available to our children to wash their hands for 20 seconds after the use of the restroom, after touching a contaminated object, before and after eating, etc.? Will the restrooms have paper towels?

Soap and soap dispensers along with paper towels will be provided by the school/district.

Will the buses have appropriate signage and seat markings to support social distancing?

Students will have assigned seats on the bus, and they will be screened upon entering the bus. Buses will be disinfected every morning and afternoon.

What is the District’s protocol in the event of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case on campus?

ACSD protocol is listed on the District’s webpage.

How will the District address learning loss?

We will be using iReady, a reading/math program and contractual services to help meet these needs. Also, we have Interventionists at each school to assist with these needs.

Will the District prepare for the possibility of a future distance/remote learning by blending the curriculum to give students ongoing experience in case there is a move to distance learning?

Yes, the District including all teachers will incorporate blended learning within the curriculum.


Board Approved 8/3/2020 A virtual learning option will be provided to students whose parents choose to opt out of the traditional face to face instructional program due to health concerns. Students participating in virtual learning will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities. The learning management systems used for virtual learning will be Google Classroom and/or Canvas. Web-based instructional programs such as i-Ready and USA Test Prep will be used as well. Instructional minutes for virtual learning will be a minimum of 240 minutes a day. Should the district or school(s) have to close due to an outbreak of COVID-19 cases, instruction will be delivered virtually to all students. Students who have COVID-19 related absences will be provided virtual learning as well. For students who do not have access to high-speed internet, assignments will be provided using other means such SchoolStatus, district email, take home learning packets, projects, etc. Special Education & English Language Learner services will be provided in accordance with applicable laws and guidelines. For Carnegie credit courses, the district will ensure mastery of content by completion of scheduled assignments and assessments with a final average of 65 or above. Attendance will be monitored by the learning management systems, Google Classroom and/or Canvas or day-to-day contact from the teacher along with student progress on daily assignments/established learning goals/assignment completion.

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