Special Education

Special Services Department

Children with physical, emotional, academic, or intellectual disabilities may be eligible for special services through the district’s Special Education program. Assessments are done at the school level, and parents are involved in the assessment process and in determining placement into the program. For more information, please contact an administrator at your child’s school or the Special Services Office at 662-289-3986.

Child Find

The Attala County School District conducts specific activities for the purposes of locating, evaluating and identifying students ages birth to twenty-one (21) with suspected disabilities and who reside within the district’s boundaries. This includes students 36 months to five (5) years of age attending private schools within the Attala County School District’s attendance area.

Free Developmental Screenings are available for children ages 36 months through five.

Children are screened in the areas of motor, concepts, speech, and language by professionals. A hearing and vision screening is also be done. Developmental screening can identify children who are in need of further evaluation and/or participation in early intervention or early childhood services that address their areas of need.

For children ages birth through two years of age, please call First Steps Early Intervention Services at 662-289-2351 or 662-834-3142. For children ages 3-5 years, please call Special Services at 662-289-3986. For more information see the Child Find Flyer

Special Services

Special education in the Attala County School District is not a “place:” Rather, it is a set of services provided for students with disabilities. The Attala County School District collaborates with families to serve the individual needs of children. The Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is the federal legislation that helps guide school teams and families in the qualification of students and the development of Individualized Education Programs (IEP).  The Attala County School District provides a Continuum of Services to meet the needs of our student population.

Procedural Safeguards

Español (Spanish) - no incluye información revisada con respecto al año escolar extendido (ESY). Esta información se añadirá una vez que el proceso de traducción ha sido finalizado.

Việt (Vietnamese) - không bao gồm thông tin sửa đổi về Extended Trường (ESY). Những thông tin này sẽ được bổ sung sau khi quá trình dịch đã được hoàn tất.

The Attala County School District provides parents a copy of the  Special Education Procedural Safeguards:

  • At least once every school year.
  • When you or others, including the district, request that your student be evaluated to determine eligibility for special education services. This process is called a referral.
  • The first time you file a citizen complaint in a school year.
  • The first time you request a due process hearing in a school year.
  • When a decision is made to remove a student for more than ten school days in a year as part of disciplinary action, and that removal constitutes a change of placement.
  • Upon request.


*Questions regarding this document may be referred to:  Parent Outreach Division, MS Department of Education, P. O. Box 771, Jackson, Mississippi 39205-0771; PH 601-359-3498.

Joshua Bingham, Director of Special Services
Carol Morgan, Special Services Case Manager /Records