Superintendent's Office

Kyle Hammond

Kyle Hammond, Superintendent

Greetings From The Superintendent

Welcome to the Attala County School District!

I consider it a true privilege to serve as the Superintendent of the Attala County School District.
The Attala County School District has a long tradition of excellence in providing students with
an exceptional education. I wholeheartedly value the programs and services in place, and I am
committed to building upon past practices to ensure that current and future students have
opportunities to explore their interests and find their true passions. The school board,
administration, and instructional staff have set high academic, as well as high behavioral,
expectations. We believe that setting goals, effective planning, and evaluating our progress
will result in improved achievement for all our students.

Our faculty and staff are highly qualified, dedicated professionals and our parents and
community members are important partners to the success of our educational process. Success
for all of our students is not possible without the strong support of our communities. We urge
you to take an active role in your child’s learning by communicating regularly with your child’s
teacher. Equally important to high academic standards is our commitment to school safety.  We
believe in providing a safe and caring environment for all students each day and in everything
we do.

During the past few years, we have lived through some of the most difficult challenges that
those of us in public education have ever seen, and we have many more challenges ahead. My
wish is that we will grow confidently together through these challenges so that we will continue
to inspire our students. We will embrace these new challenges not as hurdles but as
opportunities to grow.

It’s going to be a fantastic year full of learning and growing together!